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Do You Ever Feel Like You are Meant for More than Being a Cog in the Wheel Simply Executing a Corporate Plan?

Do you wake up feeling trapped at your corporate job shackled down by the golden handcuffs?

Bored and Lack Purpose

Have you convinced yourself that you have to trade making an impact in the lives of others for financial freedom?

Overwhelmed and Stressed

Are you exhausted from being pulled in a million directions with zero work-life balance?

Fish out of Water

Do you sit in corporate meetings trying to play the part but feel empty inside, because you didn’t get into healthcare to talk profit and loss statements?

Headshot of a smiling Kelly in a blue blouse and blue jeans on a park bench

Been There, Done That. Now I'm FREE.

Kelly Daubach, Executive Business Coach

I know exactly where you are. 15 years into my journey I was climbing the corporate ladder thinking ‘the next promotion will be the one to set me free’.

What I came to understand is that true freedom comes from within, and until we can relinquish our own mindset and stop giving away our freedom to choose, we will endure the circumstances and feel like we ‘should’ be happy with where we are. It’s not all bad, right? I have a successful career, a beautiful family, and a lifestyle I love. I knew in my heart I had a greater purpose, and soon after, I found it. Today, I am an executive coach helping women discover and live in alignment with their purpose in this life. 

I am now living my purpose and I can’t wait to share it with you! I have 15 years of experience and over $100MM of revenue growth in organic business lines. My mission is to show you how to BE PAID TO JUST BE YOU! My superpower is knowing how to help you align with WHO you are, WHAT you want, and HOW to make it possible.  

You deserve it all, and I’m here to give you the blueprint on how to get there.

Authenticity Ascension: A Journey to Higher Self

Signature Coaching Program

The Authenticity Ascension: A Journey to Higher Self is a step-by-step transition plan for women to drop out of the matrix, repackage their skills, align with their purpose and create a thriving life from exactly where you are. It’s designed to help you attain security, freedom, and a life you love.

Don't You Deserve to Show Up Authentically AND Get Paid for it?

Here's how to design: Your Life. Your Vision. Your Freedom


Schedule a discovery call with me to learn more about the blueprint to discovering your most authentic self. 


Designing, shaping, and visioning new habits, goals, and measurable outcomes. 


Aligning with your most authentic self, will lead to more joy, freedom, and potential than you ever thought possible!

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