5 Reasons Why NOW is the RIGHT Time to Make a Career Change

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How I knew when it was ‘my time’ to make a career change… 

I had checked all the boxes: 

✔️I was burned out within Corporate America 

✔️I was working for a paycheck and had minimal energy to put into my work

✔️I had unlocked my passion and purpose in life 

✔️I had the opportunity for the first time in 9 years to take a summer off with my kids!

✔️I had created financial security to allow time for my business to grow


Seems like the all the stars aligned for my career transition, just one problem:

I was scared out of my mind to lose the ‘security’ of my job.  The fear was real – at some points impossible to overcome. 


👊I hired a coach

👊I surrounded myself with other entrepreneurs

👊I created a support network that wouldn’t ALLOW me to fail

AND THEN, it was time. Beyond just the ‘logical’ things we need to do to make a career change, 

I took care of my emotional and psychological side to create a recipe for ultimate success in a career transition.  

⏰The time is now to allow yourself to smoothly transition into a career path that allows you to live the life you have always dreamed of, ultimate freedom and empowerment!


The average individual is set to change jobs up to 10 times over the course of their career, and that number is actually expected to stay on the rise further in the coming years. Employment in America is shifting and now is as good a time as ever to consider what you want out of the next phase of your career.

Let’s talk first about the external factors that are positive influences that support career changes for employees. 

  1. Employers are doing whatever they can to improve retention. If you love your company but don’t love your job, it may be time to talk with your manager or HR department about the opportunity for growth internally. Transform your role within your organization. Sometimes we get bored with our responsibilities and assume that means we have to find a new employer to find a new job. Due to the labor shortage and employees leaving corporations at an alarming rate, It is a job-seekers market right now. Employers are likely to be more flexible and open to considering keeping their employees.  
  2. Experience and tenure is less of a focused requirement than ever before. If you have been in the same industry for years, and are no longer passionate about your field, the job market is less stringent on experience and a growth mindset can go a long way.  I would recommend speaking with someone in your desired field and simply asking. 
  3. Wage Perks- Every new job has less pressure than a current job. Have you ever heard of the term ‘bridge job’? This is a job you take strictly for the intention to get some elevation from where you are and/or leave a stressful job. The job market is favorable right now for employees to take new opportunities, you could even take a lateral move for an increase in pay and decrease in stress. Make sure if you do take a ‘bridge job’ you have a plan to determine your long term goals and work towards that before your bridge job turns into the job you are jumping from right now:) 
  4. The economy is ripe for entrepreneurship and expertise. New businesses grew by 24% between 2019 and 2020.  Entrepreneurship had actually been on the decline for several decades previously. SO even if you don’t intend to make a side hustle a full time hustle, consider starting your own company to do freelance work.
  5. The Holiday season provides an excellent opportunity to reconnect, relax, unwind, and reflect. Whether it is spending quality time at family gatherings, volunteering for those in need, or making a new years resolution, the Holidays usually have 2 effects on people.  1- Overwhelm, burn-out, stress, and sickness 2- Reflection, time of presence, and JOY.  Being free from a stressful job will make this Holiday season one to remember.

Regardless if you are considering a career change one month from now, one year from now, or NEVER, you can never predict when life may throw a curveball.  

I recommend two steps at a minimum to keep you in the driver’s seat of your professional career. 

  • Build your Brand: Too often people decide they ‘should’ have been building a social media presence all along their career. Now that it is time to leverage a network – the connections are dismal.  Well it’s never too late, start today! Here are a few tips: 
  • Seek publication opportunities in your field. Research magazines, find key opinion leaders, and aim to connect with those individuals so your brand is elevated in your industry. 
  • Linked In- highlight the skills you want to showcase. There is an option in skills to change the skills pinned to your top 3, then ask your connections for endorsements and recommendations! Ensure your passion statement on your profile is accurate and make sure your photograph is professional and recent.
  • Invest in self-development and continue to grow. Self-awareness is the single most powerful skill a human can hold in creating their own reality. The more alignment you can create in your lifestyle, your values, and your belief system, the more independence you create in your life. The first step in doing this is unpacking WHO you are. There are a couple of ways to increase self awareness here are a few:

Visualize: Close your eyes and for a period of five minutes increasing with practice, visualize the life you want to be living. Be sure to include and recognize all 5 senses in this practice including sight, sound, taste, smell, and touch.

Quiet your mind: The only way we can tap into our true creativity is with a quiet and focused mind. Things that help quiet your mind and increase focus include, regular mediation, introspective work on your own belief system, clear goal setting, spending time in nature, and doing what you love.  

                      Ready to take the steps to unlocking your next step in your professional career?

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Discovery Call

As a certified, professional business coach, my mission is to help corporate executives reach their fullest potential as entrepreneurs and business owners. And my superpower is to build businesses from scratch. I look forward to digging into the details to uncover your passion, purpose, and help you with a smooth transition from corporate to business owner!

The purpose of the discovery call is so I can learn more about where you are at in your transition from corporate executive to business owner, assess your needs, allow you time to ask questions and discuss a strategy of how “The Corporate Executive to Business Owner Playbook” can get you where you want to be. Once I better understand your needs, if I think I can help you, we will discuss partnership opportunities.

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