5 Ways to Increase Joy in ANY Work Enviornment

I see you there… saying “Okay, what can I possibly do to bring joy to a work environment when I am burning the candle at both ends for a boss that doesn’t appreciate what I actually do… and when I deliver results day in and day out?”

 I’ve been there when I thought there wasn’t a shred of motivation to go ‘into the office’ anymore.  

But there was a reason and once I allowed myself to see the value of the job and what it was providing me, I shifted in a profound way.

There is so much gratitude I have for these lessons learned and that’s why I share them with you today.

                                                   5 Ways to Increase Joy in Any Work Environment 

#1 Identify your WHY in your current career!  Everyone knows things could always be better, but few people actually spend time focusing on what value their current role is serving in their life. After all, if your current role provided ZERO value, you wouldn’t be there. It’s ok, put your ego aside (I won’t tell anyone) and get real honest with yourself on this and ask yourself: 

                                              “My current job/profession brings value to me because ……………………..?”

** It’s ok if one of your reasons for your current job is to know more about what you don’t want so you can begin to move in the direction of something you do love!

#2 We are holistic beings and there are multiple different influencers in our ability to be successful. The degree of energy you can access determines your overall ability to succeed in life. It is vital to know how to access more energy to increase your potential in life. Being a human means desiring to serve a purpose, be part of a bigger plan, and feel good about the work that we are doing. The alignment of your work to your vision of your purpose in life can be helpful or harmful to this area of energy.  Ask yourself: 


  “How is my current job/professional………………………..  fulfilling my desires to bring forth short and long term accomplishments?”

#3 Prioritize organization. Your ability to bring brainpower and results to any project is directly correlated to your ability to be present in the task with full attention towards the goal. In order to harness your clarity and to lead to confident and powerful decision-making, you should limit multitasking. Planning daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual goals will ensure your success. Things happen, and emergent issues arise, but if they are a common occurrence in your daily schedule, you have a couple of options: 

  • Review your roles, goals, and responsibilities with your direct supervisor. If you are unable to focus on these because you are constantly interrupted, you will not be successful and it may be contributing to a lack of joy and satisfaction in your job. 
  • Own your schedule. This means being confident enough to decline meetings, cancel meetings, and carefully consider agendas and attendees when scheduling meetings. Checking email outside of business hours and on weekends is a red flag that you do not have control of your own schedule. We all know one of the major causes of burnout among employees is lack of focus due to meeting fatigue; don’t contribute, conserve!

#4 Find your joyful tribe. EVERYONE has a co-worker that gets that first text or phone call after a tough meeting; perhaps a big sale, meeting a goal, etc. One of the main reasons I hear people stay in jobs that they hate is they don’t want to leave their team or colleagues behind.  NEWS FLASH: you are not responsible for THEM. Your closest tribe wants what is best for you. Find the confidence to be cheerleaders in fixing the issues or cheerleaders to help each other find their next career path. My closest tribe of colleagues is with me today as friends, mentors, and business partners.

#5 Get physical with your professional life!  Everyone knows that mid-week is most productive. Why? People tend to have the most energy, focus, and free attention. Some lifestyle influencers for increasing these factors include adequate sleep, overall wellness, and regular exercise. When you feel good physically, it’s a lot harder to be brought down by negative influences no matter what the circumstance.  

Physicality can also translate into the physical work environment. I don’t know about you, but after being in a role that relied on face-to-face meetings for sales and success, it was very difficult for me to adapt to a virtual workplace. That said, I now realize how important comfort is in a workspace from lighting, climate, access to technology, and for it to be visually pleasing. 

There are adjustments you can make to bring more joy to your job, but let’s be honest, some of this is just to make it a tolerable “inevitable means to an end”, and that’s ok; that’s an AMAZING insight into where you want to be. 

If that is you and you don’t know what your passionate business idea may be YET, but you know deep inside you there is a successful business owner, reach out, let’s chat. My discovery call process will help determine if you are truly made for the life of an entrepreneur!  

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Discovery Call

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