5 Ways to Simplify Your Life Starting TODAY!

There was a time in 2019 and the beginning of 2020 when I thought I was winning at life. I was outpacing everyone, yet I had no final destination. The term “busy” was a status I used to equate with winning;  I think a lot of my friends and family did the same. After all, the world we view is our lens of reality. I had meeting slots booked for the next two to three weeks, I had vacations planned out 6-9 months, on and on and on. I was leading my life through a set of indoctrinated beliefs and a false sense of control. I realize now that I was captive to my misconception of how to live a fulfilled and joyful life. 


Fast forward to now, I reflect and realize that status is not who I was but where I was. The world is now at a point of inflection and a point of extremes. To further describe this dynamic: Today, humankind as a whole are both the happiest and saddest we have ever been, the most ignorant and most awakened, the most abundant and most poor. The next cycle of our becoming is to simplify. There is so much creative power awakening into a new way to live; those that shed the baggage of old ways, old beliefs, and embrace the change will be blessed with the creative solutions to lead societies into the future.


This exercise, like any exercise, should be fulfilled with an aligned intention. So many times we check the task off of our to-do list yet find ourselves not making any significant progress merely starting over in the same spot the following week. 


So before we get started, let me ask you, WHY do you want to simplify your life?


For me, it’s pretty simple (haha, yup I did that), I desire to clear space to receive the creative ideas and empower my abilities in alignment with my highest intention….


“…to transcend the way individuals generate wealth through acts of kindness, alignment with self, and powerful networking”


5 Ways to Simplify Your Life Starting TODAY!


  1. Clean out a closet – Force yourself to part with things you said the last time, “I may wear this or use this”. Allow the 12-month rule to take effect –  if you haven’t worn it or used it in the last 12 months toss it or donate it!


  1. Cancel one or more appointments on your calendar. Do it!!! If it doesn’t serve your highest good and you are doing it for someone else, cancel it. They will be ok! In fact, perhaps it’s for the better to step away from co-dependency. This will force others to grow as well!  


By limiting your power and choice of our priorities, you are limiting others’ power and choice as well….. #truthbomb


  1. Use those open appointments to schedule something FUN! This is the trick in saying I don’t have the time to go to the gym, or read a good book, or go get a pedicure. The reality is that you do always have the time and you are always responsible for choosing what you do with it. 


  1. Ask for help – Just as you have a human need and connection to serve, so does every other human. Empower this leadership in others by asking for help. Ask for a mentor in a career path, ask a neighbor to borrow something, or ask for feedback from a co-worker. 



  1. Invest in yourself in the form of getting back time.  There is only one you and only you know your value. So if right now, your main source of time is being a mom, simplify grocery shopping with a delivery service, hire a housecleaner, get a babysitter twice a month so you can go out, etc. If your time is mostly spent in your full-time job, ask yourself, “what can I do to delegate at home?”.  If you are a business owner, get honest about what you should be doing and what you should be outsourcing. The other detail with this task is taking the time to provide clear direction and expectations of those that support you. You wouldn’t expect to be hired in a job without any training or onboarding so don’t hire help without the same respect for their value.




Bringing it together ….

We can all see change o the horizon and we are all at different stages of acceptance and resistance related to the changes in society. Will you be the leader or the follower, the trailblazer or the client, the teacher or the student? I find joy when I am to move fluidly between providing guidance and receiving wisdom. It is all among us friends – I’m glad to be on this journey of life together. 




Kelly Daubach, CPC, ELI-MP

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