7 Signs it is Time to Quit Corporate Healthcare and Start a Business

I wish I could tell you that I had a single light bulb moment and POOF my business idea appeared in front of me; that I quit my job and sailed off to be happily ever after as a CEO of my own business….said no successful CEO EVER 

Perhaps that is the story that you see, but it would appear you have only read the front cover if you believe that to be true… and honestly if that is what you are hoping to hear or discover in this blog, this is likely not the information for you! 

I can remember two very distinct events that made me extraordinarily uncomfortable in my existing role that were the trigger factors to ‘explore’ .. the first one was a RIF in 2020, and the second one was being part of several clinical trials that supported ‘big pharma’ in drug development. In both instances, I felt a strong misalignment in what I was doing, and what I believed to be ‘right’ … i.e. my values.

I wasn’t ready to quit my job just because I felt uncomfortable but I was ready to explore how I could find things that made me ‘feel good’ about the work that I was doing.

Many times I refer to this as the ‘explore’ or ‘exposure’ phase of change… you don’t really know what you want yet, but you know that being where you are is not the end all be all on your path.. 

So here you are in the ‘explore’ phase: CONGRATULATIONS for saying YES to learning, exploring, and being exposed to the idea that there just MAY BE ……

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                                 “7 Signs it is Time to Quit Corporate Healthcare and Start a Business” 

1. You are no longer able to serve the needs of others in an impactful way.  People get into healthcare because they have compassion for others, they lead with kindness, and are committed to the practice of integrity and ethical medicine.  

If something (business initiatives, culture, organization structure, etc.) is blocking this ability to serve, it is time to find an opportunity to re-alignment with these values.

2. You have built a team, an operation, or a system from scratch.  Entrepreneurship is actually a skill set that can be developed on the ‘job’. If you are someone that is able to move past the problems and focus on solutions, that is important to note. 

If you have gone a step further and actually developed and built a solution to a problem; through systems, teams, or an operation, that is entrepreneurship at a basic level, and if you thrive in that situation – that is KEY!

3. You have identified a gap in the marketplace. We are consumers of goods, services, and information, every single day – multiple times per day… How many of you have said “this is such a critical issue that affects thousands of people, I wish someone would create a solution”….. Or maybe, “do you know how many people I know would buy that…..” 

If you have identified that gap and IF you have the passion to address that gap, that is your business calling!! 

4. You feel like you are limiting your potential by staying in a job. Are you at the ‘expert’ level of your job? Could you teach someone else to do what you do? If you answered YES then you are likely yearning to learn more. If you tend to master things quickly, and have an above-average learning curve, entrepreneurship may be for you! 

Entrepreneurship requires creativity (new idea), and innovation (the ability to execute the idea into a successful business), neither of which are built on a system of ‘known’ variables at the onset – BUT. in exchange, offers a life-changing growth opportunity. 

5. You want more freedom. You trust in your ability to create something new and you know instinctively that YOU are your best bet in creating your most successful life. You have a comfortable relationship with both self-discipline and self-development and understand that both of these are the keys to unlocking your greatest potential. 

 You no longer answer to anyone when it comes to where, when, and how you go to work every day of your life.    

6. You are ready to uncap your income potential. Every business started with an entrepreneur, someone that had an idea that pursued the innovation to create it into the business that it is today. The size and success of that business are 100% reliant on the ability of the entrepreneur to succeed. 

 A salary is a drop in the bucket of the income potential of any business that creates systems, processes, and trust for something the world needs. 

7. You have a plan.  If advanced, you have considered a financial plan for making a transition to become a CEO, you have completed market research, and you are seeking mentors to support and create efficiency in your plans. 

At a minimum, you have shared your business idea with others and you have received feedback and encouragement that there is an opportunity for success. 

The healthcare economy is prime for disruption, and those that pursued the profession with compassion to assist others in healing will be the leaders, entrepreneurs, and innovators that bridge the gap in the #future of #healthcare.  

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Kelly Daubach, CPC, ELI-MP

Executive Coach for Healthcare Professionals Ready to Blaze their own Path 



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