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Even corporate executives experience self-sabotage in liberating themselves from their corporate jobs, I know I did.

                            My WAKE-UP CALL

….June 2019 I was looking forward to a trip of a lifetime with my husband and 4 other couples to the US Virgin Islands, NO KIDS!..

It was planned for months, we spent hours building up the hype

Coordinated out-of-state childcare, plans were set.

Then the inevitable phone call.  

“Kelly, I know you scheduled this trip 5 months back, but I need to know if you are willing to go to NY for an important meeting.”

My heart raced. I’m stuck again choosing between my family and my job..

WHY does this keep happening?

I gave in, I went to the meeting, I put my life on hold, and chose my corporate career again. I told myself I would be fired or in the ‘shamed’ corner at work if I didn’t make this decision. 

The guilt was insurmountable.

My husband on the other hand would understand, he always has…RIGHT?

Something shifted after that trip.

The business deal didn’t close and, in the end, I was the one suffering, missing out on a trip of a lifetime.

That was a turning point, I realized I was self-sabotaging my future by staying stuck in my corporate job. No matter what “job” I chose in corporate America, I was continually putting someone else in power over my decisions.  

I needed to be in control of my own decisions when it came to when I work, how I work, and where I work.

But I get it! I’ve been right where you are! 

You are trying to do all of the things you think you ‘should do.’ You are seeking validation by doing what ‘others think you should be doing,’ which is just piling on the stress of disappointment everywhere. 

This disappointment of not being able to keep everyone happy is ultimately keeping you from reaching your goals, dreams, and ultimate freedom in being your own boss and running your own business!

You are searching for ways to do MORE….MORE….MORE.

And guess what the grand prize is when you get there… you got it!


By trying to do more at your corporate job, you are robbing yourself of the peace, autonomy, and freedom of running your own business. 

7 ways to know you are self-sabotaging yourself from leaving your corporate job

  1. You have a passion and a business idea but don’t allow yourself to believe it can be a profitable business. 
  2. You compete with co-workers, to prove you are too valuable for the company to lose.
  3. You look to your paychecks to justify your value, leaving you trapped by a corporate salary. 
  4. You give away your power to others to decide your role and responsibilities daily because you ultimately don’t know where you want to be. 
  5. You question the quality of your work, waiting for a reply to your emailed report to get relief or peace of mind that your job is secure for another day, week, month. 
  6.  Saying this is ‘just how it is’ and being ‘ok’ taking minimal vacation with zero work-life balance, working after hours and on weekends to meet expectations to create job security. 
  7. FOMOE (Fear of missing out on a late email) THE ULTIMATE NO NO checking your email before bed because you are scared of being caught, not knowing everything all the time!!!

IF you identify with this self-sabotaging behavior in your corporate job, it is your heart telling you this is not WHO you are! Recognizing and feeling this is OK!! 

It is the 1st step in knowing that you are meant for something more

something bigger

something to make an impact in the world bigger than your corporate job!

Self-sabotaging behavior creates stress, anxiety, overwhelm, and depression. It is common in the corporate workplace due to the hierarchical structures with the highest level holding the highest power…..

…..leading to isolation, creating superiority or inferiority mindsets. 

I will tell you it is a lonely place to be and no one wants to talk about it. 



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Kelly Daubach, CPC, ELI-MP, is a business coach helping corporate executives transition from their 9-5 and start their own business with purpose, freedom, and financial security.

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