My Journey from Corporate Vice President of Business Development to CEO of my own Coaching Business

My Mission is to Show You How to BE PAID TO JUST BE YOU!

I was just like you, feeling like it would be impossible to walk away from what I had established as a corporate executive without trading it for financial security.

I wrestled with trying to be happy and fulfilled. On paper, I was checking all of the boxes that I thought represented a picture-perfect life. On the outside, I was successful and thriving, but on the inside, I was not fulfilled.

Deep down, I knew I had a greater purpose than my corporate job. But how could I be passionate about my career until I first uncovered WHO I am?

So, I decided to stop looking for validation and proof of my value through paychecks, annual performance evaluations, and corporate career tracks. After all, that was someone else’s view, not my own.

I started looking internally. I began identifying my values: What makes me unique? What makes me most fulfilled? What would I love to do all day every day?

Through hard work and deep introspection, I finally found it; I am meant to be a Business Coach.

Even more specifically I am a business coach helping you unlock your limitless potential as the CEO of your own business. I spent 15 years building business lines from scratch for corporations. From organic product lines, mergers, and acquisitions, to startups and turnarounds. I expanded a new division from 15 to 110 employees and expanded from 1 to 70 Nationwide markets. I have a unique ability to build businesses from ground zero. As a proven entrepreneur, I provide tools in The Corporate Executive to Business Owner Playbook to start the business, run the business, and scale the business.

To build your own business, you need a mentor (someone who has “been there, done that”) and a business blueprint. So, I hired a business coach, built my coaching empire, and never looked back.

I am living proof that we all have limitless potential.

Are you ready to reach yours?

Rest assured, I have a plan to support finding out WHO you are and help you to create a thriving business you love. Take the first step and grab one of my free Discovery Calls! We will clarify your goals, uncover what’s holding you back from creating your dream business, and create a clear path to help you become the CEO of your own business.

Headshot of a smiling Kelly in a blue blouse and blue jeans on a park bench

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