5 Ways To Make Social Marketing Easier

                     Want to know a fun fact about how scared I was of social media when I first started?


I recorded my welcome video for my Facebook group 52 times. I critiqued it, judged it, tried to edit it… but I cried, I was overwhelmed and I was discouraged.  


I will tell you though, it was not necessarily the technology that scared me, it was the fear of wondering what other people would think. I wanted to be sure ‘it was just perfect” so that my clients gained value from what I was sharing. I got to thinking – if this is a fear in social media, it must be a fear in real life too… hmmm. A place to improve, building my WHY, and building my self-confidence! 


Guess what!!! There is no perfect. So, I practice and preach progress over perfection.  

I’m also going to share a message I received this morning from someone that said,


 “I’m going to push my business HARD in January, give me all the tips and tricks that work best”. 

The appropriate response: you are wasting your time, you can not rush people’s trust.  


Share your personal experience and your WHY and if you are authentic, you may have clients in 3-6 months. 


Today I want to share with you 5 ways to Make Marketing Easier 


👊Overcome your fear and find courage.

Talk about your fear with a friend or better yet, someone successful, in your mind, in sharing their story on social media. It doesn’t have to be a  business it could be a friend that you say, man, I wish I had her courage, maybe she shared something personal or private to help others. 


Find the courage.


👊Introduction message. 

No matter what the platform, do NOT go without personally introducing yourself to everyone that connects with you. 

Even if it is someone you know from high school, share what is new and relevant in your life. I love getting to know people and their interests so I share a message on every media platform that is personal about myself, my family, my passions, and my dreams.

Then I simply ask, I’d love to learn the same about you! 

Also, I highly suggest you review every connection request. Beware of fake profiles and take into account individuals that don’t align with your friend or audience demographic. 


👊Give more than you take. 

Empower, encourage, empathize, BE HUMAN. Give a like and respond to the posts that resonate with you. Then, get in messenger, no matter what the platform. This is where relationships are built and you can start to take a genuine interest in those you are connected with. Ask your friends to support you, rally your brand ambassadors. 



👊Get active in groups and find people to join your efforts. 

In these groups provide value, share what you know for free! Establish partnerships, referral channels and masterminds! Your network is your net worth.

I spend 30% of my week taking calls from people in my related industries. I do not accept meetings from anyone, but those that I can learn something from or provide value to. 

Every lead I have in any line of my business has come from networking. If you aren’t into it, you can multiply your business runway twofold. 


👊Start today to make sales 3-6 months from now.  

Sales take time! it took me 4 months to pull the trigger on signing with my business coach, 3 months to take a call from the health and wealth community I am now part of, and posting 100 out of 120 days on LinkedIn to have 3 opportunities find me. 


My final thought to share is to start today, not tomorrow. Every day wasted is another day of heavier traffic online and more people beating you to the punch.  


The gig economy is here to stay and if you don’t want to be tethered to a corporate chair until you retire, the easiest way out is to build your network. I have a business plan for 4 streams of income next year to double my corporate salary and all of them came because 6 months ago I decided to ‘feel the fear & do it anyway’. I expanded my idea of what a career could look like and opportunities raced towards me. 


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