Five Reasons Why NOW is The Right Time to Start a Business

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Hi there fellow corporate executives and entrepreneurs, it’s me again, Kelly Daubach, executive business coach and passion-preneur.  I help corporate executives in healthcare or corporate wellness exit their 9-5 and start their own business.  I am passionate about health and wellness and believe with all of my heart that we are on the verge of a dramatic transformation in ‘healthcare’.  If the past 18 months have taught us anything about health, it’s that we need to do everything we can to be in good health should illness strike.  So much of my healthcare career was treating the symptom or disease that was exacerbated by lifestyle choices, limited education in nutrition and exercise, and an absence of consideration for mental health.  People are waking up and so are business opportunities in health and wellness!

Are you a healthcare or corporate wellness executive looking to make an impact in other’s health but feel like your career has been restricted by:

❓Re-reimbursement out of your control

❓Policy changes

❓Infrastructure and staffing models out of your control

❓Treating patients instead of empowering patients

❓Shortage of labor leading you to carry an unrealistic workload

I was in corporate healthcare for 16 years and I finally decided to take the leap and help others bring their health and wellness businesses to life to:

✨Create a life of freedom for healthcare executives that have a servant’s heart but facing burnout in the current environment

✨Empower consumers to become responsible for their health and use natural foods, medicines, and lifestyle practices for health and wellness

             I am pleased to share with you: Five Reasons why NOW is the Right Time to Start a Business 

            1. Customer access

I don’t have to tell you the staggering statistics of the booming online market for both product and service-based businesses, but I will plug in that e-commerce has increased 40% since the start of the pandemic in 2020. The internet is crowded but it is open for niche businesses.  People want to buy from experts and there is so much out there to offer! The niches are in the riches folks! You can buy your way into audience growth and customer acquisition if you conduct the proper research, competitor analysis, and aim for a multichannel marketing strategy. 

In addition, many customers have been displaced or disloyal as the turbulent waters of 2020 rocked the infrastructure of many customer experiences.  Identifying ways to consume market share from competitors is just as important if not more efficient than organic channel education.

           2. Highly talented job seekers and business partners 

The pandemic put a lot of people out of jobs. Whether it was a voluntary end to employment through the great resignation or involuntary employment due to restructuring of an organization, people of all backgrounds and skills sets are ready and eager for new opportunities!  As you set out to hire new talent or collaborate with new business partners, the market is hungry for innovation, strategy, and disruption.  Be prepared to win with ideas and promise for the future as recent polls have shown that people are prepared to re-direct their careers and take some financial risk to enjoy a more balanced lifestyle and freedom in their schedules.  

            3. Investment  in your future 

Growing a personal brand is not only a business opportunity – it is an investment.  If you truly get to know your audience and attract like-minded people, you are creating an annuity for yourself and any future business idea.  In theory, this could also be an asset to pass down to future generations depending on how deep you go into the social marketing aspect of your business.  Diversifying wealth strategies is an integral component of a secure future.  Gone are the days of relying on corporate salary and bonus structures alone.  From network marketing to the vacation rental market, households are becoming savvier than ever in creating less stress on a single income stream, which in itself leads to a #freedomlifestyle. 

            4. You are more ready than you know 

Many companies shut down or restructured during the pandemic leaving market share opportunities in many industries.  Ask yourself how many times in the last 12 months have you patronized a business as a repeat customer and thought, wow, there has been a lot of change.  It’s not anyone’s fault, good or bad, it’s just OPPORTUNITY! 

Also on this topic, I can guarantee that 99% of you spent more time at home.  In spending more time alone in reflection, you likely had some realization and alignment to your values in life.  You have a better idea of what is important to you, what you are passionate about, and what YOU could make an impact doing.  You had more time to research business ideas, and if it is a business idea aligned with your passion you are underestimating your knowledge by at least 50%.

            5. Impact the world & leave a legacy 

The world has banned together in powerful ways.  Empathy, kindness, and compassion are replacing rigid thinking and exclusivity of opportunity.  If you are not growing your network with the shift that this pandemic has caused to remote networking, you a losing opportunity by the day. Given the uncertainty in the market, those that have the courage to test the waters of entrepreneurship will have a head start on those that will wish they did five years from now.  As long as you have a solid strategy and business plan in place, getting funding, investors and alliances may not be as difficult this year as it will be in years to come.  The relationships formed in the blossoming network groups will have a high cost and barrier to entry leaving NOW the perfect time to have a BIG impact with minimal investment. 

                                       Ready to take the steps to find your passionate business idea?

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The purpose of the discovery call is so I can learn more about where you are at in your transition from corporate executive to business owner, assess your needs, allow you time to ask questions and discuss a strategy of how “The Corporate Executive to Business Owner Playbook” can get you where you want to be. Once I better understand your needs, if I think I can help you, we will discuss partnership opportunities.

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