Future Leaders!

Looking through the lens of the past, what I’m about to share is my view of the future leaders of healthcare – really somewhat generalized to the world level. There is doubt, uncertainty, pause, and reflection….. 

                         However, I move forward in sharing these thoughts – open to learning and                                exploring with genuine curiosity just what our future holds through the lens of love.

These feelings prove to resonate with exact certainty to proceed because future leaders are going to thrive in this environment.  

                         The study of the past will not provide enough guidance to embrace and lead the                     innovation that comes into our future, so future leaders will need to become masters at embracing the unknown.

We have allowed our minds to eradicate simplicity in our lives, and we are on the brink of returning to a simpler life beyond reasoning. The mind is a survival mechanism, often jumping into the attack, protect, analyze, and thinking mode, but it lacks creativity.  

I will share the top 3 mindsets of future leaders and then move into the skill sets or ‘attributes’ of future leaders.



1. World Citizen – There is no denying the interconnectedness of the world population.  There is growing awareness of human connectedness across continents and while sometimes mainstream media may portray a division among continents, there is a greater connection growing at the same if not more accelerated rate to bring cohesion to humanity.                        This includes not only a deep appreciation of cultures and diversity, but also action                                                                                leading to inclusive leadership. 

2. Servant – The leaders of the future will embrace humility; gone are the days of a top-down hierarchy where people are told what to do.  

           The leaders will sit among the communities, companies, and nations to learn about the needs.  

           They will reflect on how they can accomplish massive transformation through humans and technology.  

           They will execute on investing in human capital that aligns and empowers the individuals to do the work. 

           Servant leaders do not focus on “doing”, but on aligning resources with the vision formed by the people. 

3. Explorer – …is a lifelong learner with the ability to expand beyond limitations and will push the boundaries of what is possible with their creative power. Leaving judgment and pretense behind – the intention of a new possibility to burn inside.  

                      There is no time wasted on ‘what is’, there is only a light shining to lead the way.



1. Awareness – Detachment from ‘self’ will be the most defining skill set for future leaders.  We are in a time of creation and limitless opportunity exists.                                              

   To tap into the paths, the idea of mastery in the study will dissipate. 

The inclusive capacity of the collective will create a new way of leading through this awareness as opposed to the individual ‘self’ that has maximized its existence.  

2. Connection – Humans will be displaced in the future of the workforce economy. Technology will replace vast amounts of the workforce, leaving humans feeling void of ‘value’ as previously identified with career, work, and ‘purpose’.

                                    It will be vital for leaders to address the critical human 

                                                      value of connection through empathy and compassion. 

              Leaders will find new ways to bring the connection back to their communities through their example, practice, and intuition.  

             With the future world becoming inclusive of things like the ‘metaverse’, humans will find  a growing yearning and interest to reconnect with their intuitive power. This connection will allow each person to define and create their value and place in the community going forward. 

3. Communication – While the leaders of the future will need to embrace the unknown, it is still a leader’s most critical role to provide a sense of peace and security as to what the future holds.  

              Leaders will need to be able to articulate transparency in what the future holds while providing clear direction at the individual level.  

             Futurists plan for multiple scenarios before bringing change and before studying global trends. This will continue to be a core competency of leaders now and in the future. 

Whew! That may have seemed like a lot of change depending on where you are sitting, but know that this game of evolution is not new to humans. Patience in the unfolding with consistent practice in allowing will bring forth the next generation of leaders.  


Kelly Daubach, CPC, ELI-MP

Executive Business Coach for Corporate Executives

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