Become the best version of yourself

Are you ready to step up your life in 2023 and beyond? Get One Full Year of Unlimited 1 on 1 Coaching with Kelly Daubach for only $997 (that’s less than $84 per month)

+3 December BONUSES!

  • Energy Leadership Assessment ($249)
  • 1-Hour Remote Reiki Session ($179)
  • 1 Tarot Reading ($89) 

I am only offering 10 spots for this limited-time program!! Reserve a spot today!

The power of Coaching


Unlocking Potential

If you are looking to break through and become your best self in your life and career, Kelly is the coach to hire! Michelle, Executive Director


Authentic Self

Kelly helped me get past my block about being a speaker at an event today. Nailed it! It incorporated everything about my authentic self which included sharing the connection of mind, body, and spirit. Grateful for her coaching program!! Carolyn, Executive Director to CEO


Ultimate Success

While working with Kelly, I rediscovered my passion! Because of this newly found freedom, and alignment, I genuinely enjoy working with my new team. Jennifer, Vice President

Real Mastery, Real Results

Certified Professional Coach

Kelly is also a certified Energy Leadership Master Practitioner, which is kind of like having an x-ray of your brain to help you uncover how the way you think is affecting the results you see in front of you.

Business Expert

A prior Vice President in Helathcare, Kelly has generated over $100MM in organic revenue attributed to her niche in business development, sales training, and solution selling.

Mindfulness in Entrepreneurship

Kelly harnesses the power of energy, consciousness, and the human brain to develop self-awareness and practice self-actualization. Her clients step into their highest power by elevating their consciousness.

Here's How it Works in 5 Easy Steps

  1. Sign up for UNLIMITED Energy Coaching for one year.
  2. You will get a welcome email, a coaching survey, and a 1 hour discovery call to deep dive into your life plan. 
  3. On this call, you will get laser focused on your life goals and together we will align an ‘action plan’. 
  4. After each call, I will email you with detailed notes and your action plan.  You must complete your action plan before our next call is scheduled. 
  5. That’s it! Is super easy and only $997 for a FULL YEAR of coaching with Kelly Daubach. 

Kelly's Coaching has Been Tested and The Reviews are IN!

I am profoundly impressed with Kelly's innate ability to serve her clients and community. With her vast knowledge of excellence in the corporate world, combined with her entrepreneurial heart and spirit, she has created a bridge for anyone looking to empower their life aligned with their core drivers and most important wants and needs. What is most unique and impressive about Kelly is her character of being driven by service to others. She is effortless in her consistent kindness and openness. I highly recommend Kelly professionally to anyone looking to further their career or get started on a new and exciting path.
Brian M
CEO & Founder
"Before working with Kelly, I was in a constant state of fear if this was going to work out, which was leading to minimal action in my business" "Throughout, our coaching sessions, I was moved to individual action steps that built a path to my success. It is about the small, consistent progress to create your dream a reality" "After working with Kelly, I have 6 new personal training clients, and I’ve launched my cross-fit training program for people with disabilities, my social presence has skyrocketed, and I’ve been interviewed in multiple media outlets"
Liz K
Healthcare Executive to CEO
Kelly has helped me find clarity around my business and personal matters that were getting in my way of moving closer to my goals. Kelly understands what it takes to create change, and she helps her clients remove complexity and practice fundamentals to ensure success and remove stress! Her passion is inspiring and contagious!
Vice President, Risk Management

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