The Decision That Changed My Life

  • I managed 350 employees by age 30
  • I was a Vice President at 34
  • I reported to a COO of a fortune 500 worldwide company with over 12,000 employees at the age of 29.
  • WHY? Because I ‘thought’ I was a STRONG. POWERFUL. WOMAN, after all, this is the dream of running the rat race in Corporate America, I was winning, right?


                                           A DECISION THAT CHANGED THE COURSE OF MY LIFE FOREVER


“No mistakes, No Regrets, Nothing by Coincidence.  I share my story to claim complete responsibility for the creation of my own reality”.  Kelly Daubach

                                                                                    MY DECISION


After 15 years of climbing the corporate ladder, most recently serving as Vice President of Business Development, I looked around and said,

I am where I thought I wanted to be. 

A feeling that I couldn’t have predicted in a million years appears.  I felt empty inside.  Then on top of it, I felt guilt, for ‘having it all’ but desiring more.

The ‘stretch’ feeling was that I didn’t have a purpose in my life.        

When I reflected on what I did love about my career, I discovered I am meant to be a coach, someone who helps others reach their limitless potential and unlock endless joy in their lives.

                                    So                                              💥I DECIDED 💥

To leave corporate America and chase my dreams, and 8 months later I am launching my coaching empire to help other corporate executives transition from their 9-5

so they can find purpose, freedom, and financial security on their terms.

I have experienced all of the highs and lows of corporate America

          Adrenalin highs of record years, big bonuses, high salaries, company-paid trips,

promotions, gaining national market share…..


          Difficult lows, missed family vacations for work trips, 24/7 workweeks, bullying, discrimination, and corporate politics

                                                                               TO GO WHERE??

          It led to me feeling like I traded my freedom for all of it.  I was wearing golden handcuffs.

                                 and I didn’t know how to find the key.

I looked inward, I practiced mindfulness, meditation, soul searching, and FINALLY

Once I became a leader in my own life I decided it was time to teach others how to take

                       charge AND responsibility for the creation of their

                                                                                                         own reality.

                                                                     HOW IT CHANGED MY LIFE?


➡️ HOME: For the first time in 6 years, I was able to be home for the first day of school…no 6 AM flight, no 8:00 AM meeting, HOME.. eating breakfast hearing my children’s excitement about the day ahead

➡️ LESS STRESS: I mean physically I noticed an immediate decrease in my resting heart

rate and overall level of stress led to more restful nights of sleep and waking with free attention to tackle the day.

 ➡️MORE TIME: It’s the single most important driver is leaving my corporate job behind, to have more time.  And I mean more time, like spontaneous 3-day weekends, taking a break for a workout in the middle of the day,

          going for lunch with a friend, hot yoga to reset, ANYTHING I want, yes, please!

All of it, the time appeared when my attention was under my control instead of giving my power away to serve the priorities of others.

I have more fun, take more opportunities to meet new people,

network, and serve to give hope and inspiration to corporate executives who have lost their way and seeking to regain control over their lives.



                                                                                         WHY NOW???

🗺️ Well how about in the middle of the second wave of a pandemic

          Which could lead to less job security and more stress on the economy.

We know from the first part of the pandemic people’s lifestyles changed.  They become closer to their families and their circle.

                        One could only conclude wave two people are going to turn

           🧑‍🤝‍🧑to their local communities now more than ever. 

                        It’s been said by thought leaders across the world, community and local businesses will

            be on the rise while corporations navigate the choppy waters of working

            remote, financial stress, job abandonment, and shortage of labor.


                                                                                         WHO I SERVE

Do you ever feel like you are meant for more than being a cog in the wheel simply executing a corporate plan?

Do you wake up feeling trapped at your corporate job shackled down by the golden handcuffs?

                      Bored and Lack Purpose

Have you convinced yourself that you must trade making an impact for financial freedom?

                      Overwhelmed and Stressed

Are you exhausted from being pulled in a million directions with zero work-life balance?

                       Fish out of Water

I know exactly where you are, 15 years into my journey I was climbing the corporate ladder thinking ‘the next promotion will be the one to set me free.

What I came to understand is that true freedom comes from within and until we can relinquish our mindset and stop giving away our freedom to choose, we will endure

                                 the circumstances and feel like we ‘should’ be happy with where we are.  It’s                                                 not all bad, right? I have a successful career, a

                                 beautiful family, and a lifestyle I love.  I knew in my heart I had a greater                                                         purpose, and soon after I found it.  Today, I am a business coach focused on standing up businesses                     from scratch.

I am now living my purpose and I can’t wait to share it with you!

My mission is to show you how to BE PAID TO JUST BE YOU! 

My superpower is knowing how to help you align your passion with a wildly successful business, so you can live in freedom and financial abundance.


                                                                                    WHO I AM


Kelly is a Business Coach who helps corporate executives ‘detox from corporate America’ and find their true north to regain power over their life.   

She has a background of 15 years as a distinguished sales and operations executive with a career highlighted by success in diverse settings.

Kelly focuses on personal alignment and helping individuals unlock their passion and take back their own power!

“During this troubled time, we must find joy naturally, inside of who we are.  I help others find their center, quiet their mind and recognize the origination of joy and DO MORE OF THAT!  Whether it be a hobby or a full-time career, people deserve to be happy, but it is a skill that can be learned.  Seems everyone is looking outside of themselves and that is what we collectively need to change”.

Working with Kelly you will find her style to be authentic, genuine, empowering, and FUN!

She received her coaching certification from the Institute of Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC) which is an ICF-accredited institution and the golden standard of coaching. 

                              Kelly is also a certified Energy Leadership Master Practitioner, which is kind of like having an                        x-ray of your brain to help you uncover how the way you think is affecting the results you see in front                    of you. 

                 She is the founder of Anu, Business Coaching.

                             Kelly is a Registered Dietitian and also enjoys a very active lifestyle with her                                                      husband and two children, boating, hiking, and traveling. 


Discovery Call

As a certified, professional business coach, my mission is to help corporate executives reach their fullest potential as entrepreneurs and business owners. And my superpower is to build businesses from scratch. I look forward to digging into the details to uncover your passion, purpose, and help you with a smooth transition from corporate to business owner!

The purpose of the discovery call is so I can learn more about where you are at in your transition from corporate executive to business owner, assess your needs, allow you time to ask questions and discuss a strategy of how “The Corporate Executive to Business Owner Playbook” can get you where you want to be. Once I better understand your needs, if I think I can help you, we will discuss partnership opportunities.

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